Lenny Feinberg

About Lenny Feinberg

Having studied Dramatic Arts at the groundbreaking, experimental Franconia College, Lenny Feinberg knew early on that he would pursue a career related to the entertainment industry.

His first job in the business was as an assistant to the notoriously difficult yet prolific producer and director Otto Preminger. It was there that he realized all that could be accomplished from behind the camera. It was during his time with Preminger that he began to learn fundamental filmmaking techniques.

Subsequently, Feinberg was employed by the CBS Network, in the days still considered by many to be “The Golden Age of Television.” While working in the Research and Development Department, he came to understand what key elements made a show a flop or a hit.

After taking time away from the industry to pursue other career aspirations, Feinberg decided to return to the entertainment industry in the mid-2000s. This time it was as a filmmaker, creating and producing documentary films.

His first film, “The Art of the Steal,” was a major success, shown at respected festivals including Palm Springs and Toronto, as well as the prestigious NY Film Festival. “The Art of the Steal” tells the story of Dr. Albert Barnes and the controversy surrounding the move of his multi-billion dollar art collection. “The Art of the Steal” was distributed by IFC Films.

Feinberg’s next film was “Black and White and Dead All Over”, which documented the decline of the newspaper business. The film follows investigative reporters from Philadelphia newspapers as their jobs hang in the balance. It recently aired on PBS, Channel 13 in NYC and will be shown on the PBS, Philadelphia affiliate, WHYY in February.

Feinberg is currently working on a film about the charismatic black evangelical minister Father Divine, a controversial figure with hundreds of thousands of followers in the first half of the 20th Century.