MAJ Productions

About MAJ Productions

MAJ Productions is a documentary film production company located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded by Lenny Feinberg in 2007, MAJ has produced the critically-acclaimed documentary films “The Art of the Steal” and “Black and White and Dead All Over,” and is currently finishing production on “Father’s Kingdom.”

Our Story

MAJ Productions was created in 2007 by producer and director Lenny Feinberg, who also serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. A graduate of the Dramatic Arts program at Franconia College, Feinberg worked as an assistant to producer/director Otto Preminger in the 1970s and obtained a position in research and development at the CBS Network during the “Golden Age of Television.”

In the mid-2000s, Feinberg decided to make his first foray into independent film production when a controversy erupted surrounding the relocation of the Barnes Foundation, a $25 billion collection of artwork in Merion, Pennsylvania, to downtown Philadelphia. He founded MAJ Productions and began development on “The Art of the Steal,” which chronicled the political machinations behind the relocation.

“It was a story that wasn’t being told, and wouldn’t be told unless someone took action,” says Feinberg, who worked as producer. “I knew the best way to tell it would be in the form of a documentary film. I was inspired to research the story over two years and then hire a production company to bring it to life.”

In 2009, “The Art of the Steal” was released and distributed to more than 100 theaters around the world through IFC Films. The film also received high critical acclaim, garnering selections at the Toronto, New York, and AFI Film Festivals and receiving positive reviews in publications including LA Weekly, The Los Angeles Times, and Entertainment Weekly.

Following the success of “The Art of the Steal,” MAJ Productions swiftly began work on a second project, “Black and White and Dead All Over.” With Feinberg as producer and Chris Foster as director, the film set out to offer an in-depth look into the death of American newspapers. Released in 2013, the film was an Official Selection of the San Antonia and DC Labor Film Festivals, was a Selected Screening at Washington, D.C.’s Newseum, and aired on PBS television affiliates around the U.S.

Feinberg aims to repeat the critical success of MAJ Productions’ first two films with the upcoming release of “Father’s Kingdom,” a documentary about the Reverend M.J. Divine, a controversial spiritual leader known as Father Divine in early-20th century Baltimore and Philadelphia. Feinberg will also expand his creative role on the film, serving as both producer and director.